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Joel R
"It has been about a year since
TradeMARK MY WORDS filed my trademark application. 
Since then, other companies treat my business as a professional business. 
They take my brand seriously and my profits show it!" 
Aaron S
Debby M
TradeMARK MY WORDS was the best thing that happened to my business. Because I put in so much work into my brand, there are others who try copying my brand name. Some add to my Amazon listing, others pretend to be my brand, it was discouraging. BUT TradeMARK MY WORDS helps me whenever I need. They educate me as to what can be done and give me the choices of how I want to proceed. They are a pleasure to work with!
TradeMARK MY WORDS takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients and delivers services which exceed expectations.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
After TradeMARK MY WORDS filed my trademark, I started getting an abundance of emails from trademark companies. I called in to ask what the emails were about, and the helpful staff explained what to do with the emails. I know I can always ask for assistance and their patient staff help me out. I have been in contact with them with different questions or advice about my trademark. They don't file your trademark application and say good bye, TradeMARK MY WORDS continues to advise me whenever I need.
It has been about a year since TradeMARK MY WORDS filed my trademark application. Since then, other companies treat my business as a professional business. They take my brand seriously and my profits show it! 
Jacob R
TradeMARK MY WORDS took my information and filed my trademark application with a very short wait time. I was in a hurry and had little time to deal with my trademark. Their staff was a pleasure to deal with!
Eric J
​My business teacher told me I need a trademark but I did not know why. TradeMARK MY WORDS explained the trademark process to me step by step. Their staff was patient and answered all of my questions. They charged less than other companies, and the more expensive companies wouldn't help with my questions. I got better service with less cost!