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One may not realize the importance of obtaining a trademark to protect their company's name, products, logos, etc. New businesses open daily, generating thousands of images, slogans, and names. Your valuable name and slogans are in constant jeopardy.

In today's competitive market with internet fly-by-night site infringers capitalizing on other people's hard earned company name, reputation, and logo, it is imperative that one protect their business with one or more trademarks.

TradeMARK MY WORDS will comprehensively research your company's name, trade name, slogan, and/or logo and analyze the results. Our experienced staff will prepare and submit your Federal USPTO trademark application for a fee that is a fraction of what a large law firm would charge. We offer up-front and flat-fee rates combined with fast, courteous service, and short filing time.

We offer a package for the search in which the payment of one search will cover up to 3 searches for the same product. If the first search comes back negative, you can send us a new name to search free of charge. If the second name comes back negative, we will search a third name free of charge.

And if you do not yet have a corporation or other business entity to be a vehicle for your business and to protect yourself and assets from liability, TradeMARK MY WORDS will happily incorporate one for you (including obtaining an IRS issued Federal Employer Identification Number).